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We Love Equity Real Estate Show

Jan 27, 2020

From fortune 500 employee to Operator/Syndicator and Investor of over 85 million in real estate assets. John discusses some failures and successes along his journey.


Key Show Content Transcription:

  • John discuss why doing what you want in real estate is the key to success
  • Always trust but verify use your intuition...

Jan 26, 2020

Justin Colby is the Founder and President of The Science of Flipping and Phoenix Wealth Builders. The Science of Flipping is a top-ranked real estate investing Podcast on iTunes and he now has a second podcast out called, The Entrepreneur DNA for those going through the entrepreneurial journey. Phoenix Wealth Builders...

Jan 13, 2020

Kenny began his real estate career right out of college. He leveraged his experience in commercial construction to put him on a pathway to success through residential real estate investing. He’s using his knowledge and resources to help other landlords through a property management system called “The Burbz”



Jan 3, 2020

Show Details:

Scott Hannum is a local professional real estate investor and he has other specialties and skillsets, and he's been in the marketing and call center field for multiple years. He has a call center based out of Mexico and a real estate investor himself here in Phoenix in the local market.

Key Show...