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We Love Equity Real Estate Show

Dec 7, 2020

In this episode, let's dive deep into the heart of Texas Wholesaling big with Ron Rana. 

He is a self-made American born Pakistani who is making major waves in the real estate wholesaling world. A sought-after motivational speaker & serial entrepreneur. He loves sharing his success and helping other real estate entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals.

He has inspired many with his story and is looked upon as a leader in the industry.

His humble beginnings and upbringing play a major role in his success today. Born in a middle-class family. Raised by a single mother. He has faced many trials and tribulations but yet he has come out triumph.

His company Investopia Online. One of the fastest-growing wholesaling operations in Texas. From starting his company out of an apartment to successfully wholesaling millions of dollars in real estate.

Having created a unique marketing system for finding and selling distressed deals.

He has founded multiple companies since. Such as a cold calling call center in the Philippines (, His monthly real estate networking event (Coffee & Contracts Houston) one of the most successful networking events in his hometown, The Host of his very own podcast called (The Real Estate Anarchy PODCAST) to actively running a successful wholesaling group on Facebook (Wholesaling Real Estate 101).

His company also helps many new and veteran wholesalers move their deals to their extensive buyer's list (

To sum it all up. His story is nothing short of AMAZING!

Listen to the full episode as Ron's answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey!


  • 2:57 Who is Ron Rana
  • 8:14 1st deal was from the MLS
  • 9:05 Ron climbed the roof on his first deal
  • 11:14 1st deal Ron lost because of 70% rule
  • 11:45 Creating relations is key to be sustained in this business
  • 12:10 Ron was working his mailman for deals
  • 12:45 Working with Realtors Ethically as a wholesaler
  • 14:15 Looking for mentorship was an issue let Ron explain
  • 16:23 Why Ron chose wholesaling over being a landlord
  • 18:43 Ron quit his job cold turkey because of desperation
  • 22:15 Marketing strategy cold calling and bandit signs
  • 25:49 Cold Calling is Ron’s best ROI
  • 26:05 Consistency is key, have a 6-month marketing budget
  • 28:20 COVID taught us how to remain lean and pivot and adapt
  • 32:43 How to screen a virtual assistant for cold calling
  • 36:54-44:45 How driving 4 hours multiple times to close a Million dollar multi-family deal
  • 54:00 Hot Seat


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