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We Love Equity Real Estate Show

Jun 29, 2020

How Necessity Created Massive Cashflow w/ J. Massey

J. Massey is the CEO & Founder of Cashflow Diary, a training and development brand for building short-term rental entrepreneurs.

Before Cashflow Diary, J. raised capital and invested in traditional real estate (single-family homes, note brokering and holding, cell phone towers, commercial real estate, and apartment buildings).

Eventually, he built his real estate investing training program to share what he learns continuously through his years of successful, real-world experience owning hundreds of traditional long-term housing units

When one of his students asked him what he knew about the world of short-term rentals, the answer was not very much.

Once J. started learning about short-term rental strategies, he saw a world of opportunity in front of him. He built his very own 34-unit(46 bedrooms)- and-counting short-term rental business from scratch which he still owns, grows and operates and has shifted his Cashflow Diary brand to focus exclusively on building and training short-term rental entrepreneurs.

On Today's episode, If you want to learn about his strategies and know more about J. Massey on his success on real estate watch to this full video!


Show Notes:
3:30 Real Estate was born from the need
4:30 Needing a source of income without a job
10:12 With a credit score of 398 real estates is still possible
11:30 How comfort kills dreams and pride was too expensive
12:40 Move at the speed of instructions
15:08 Secret to business is learning how to create value
18:00 Action over analysis
19:30 The importance of the next step
27:40 Here’s where the opportunity lies
30:00 Transition to raising capital
32:15 Problems made J. scale
33:55 Raising capital through solving problems
37:00 Short term rentals

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